What is Candy Cane Lane?

Candy Cane Lane Apple Bin - TobyCandy Cane Lane Kelowna was created from the minds of Gramiak road resident Damjan Madjar and previous Mary court resident Rocky Mix in hopes to instil wonderful positive memories in the minds of everyone alike.



“Kelowna Has Heart, for whatever reason too many people are afraid to show it.”
If you want to add a little heart to the city you call home, here’s your chance. A true Winter Wonderland can exist here in Kelowna.
In other cities around the world, Candy Cane Lane is a place where people of all ages can go out and stroll on any cold winter night and feel warm all over. We think we have found the perfect neighborhood to host such an event.
Do you love Christmas lights? Amazing decorations? Well, we now have that one block in Kelowna that will become known as Candy Cane Lane from December 8th – January 2nd, year in and year out to create something that will amaze others for years to come.
Imagine parking your car and walking towards a beautifully decorated Winter Wonderland in the dark evening with your children, your parents, neighbors, loved ones, anybody you would want to. It’s freezing out but you are nicely dressed in your winter clothes and you are greeted at the end of a driveway by a friendly neighbor offering Hot Chocolate to you and your family. As you walk from house to house and stand in front of the lawns you admire the work that was put into each display. You see dozens of other people doing the same and wishing each other a Happy Holidays. You get back into your car and you’re all talking about which display was your favorite.
Sharon House 3 - Ferris WheelTo some, this might seem as a one time passing by and not worth much to them.

To other’s it becomes tradition. It becomes something a family does year in and year out. It gives you something to build memories around. Seeing kids pointing and looking at the lights as if it’s the first time they’ve ever seen anything like that in their life. Eventually every single person in the city will want to walk or drive down Candy Cane Lane. It will become something you HAVE to see and something you won’t ever want to miss. Every year you will keep coming back.
It’s simple. This City Has Heart, for whatever reason too many people are afraid to show it.
Think back to when you were a kid and remember your favorite Christmas or winter moment. That moment could forever be tied into the lights and decorations of Candy Cane Lane. Be a part of it!
Show your heart!